Hays Annual Stampede Breakfast 2012

The who’s who of Calgary business, a ‘petting zoo of politicians’ (per Mayor Nenshi), and thousands of early risers joined the 62nd annual Hays Breakfast at Heritage Park on Sunday morning.  One of the largest events of its kind in the city, the Hays Breakfast has become a legend.

Tim Hus, & his Traveling Band, the award-winning Calgary Stampede Showband, roving entertainment, a military fly-by and the traditional ‘sillabub’ creation, kept visiting dignitaries and guests amused throughout.

The milk-based alcoholic sillabub creation ceremony is a key component of the event.  Fresh-squeezed milk from a Holstein cow (led in to bagpipe accompaniment) starts off the concoction, followed by Gilbey’s Gin, then what appears to be anything and everything added to the mixing bowl… Tide, Pepto Bismol, Tums, Windex, engine oil are just a few.  A much sought after certificate of bravery is handed out to guests brave enough to try it.

Photography was a lot of fun – vibrant colours, laughter and loads of cowboy gear…

To see the full event: http://photoswithfinesse.com/Images/Exciting_Events/Hays2012/index.htm

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