The new blog is up and running…

It’s now here:

We’re tweaking a few issues with it – like having the ability for people to Follow Me again! (Ok – just got that fixed – you can subscribe via email down at the bottom right!)

Some of my photo layouts are still not working as before – the joys and challenges of getting a new website!  It’s still WordPress though – and although I’ve been holding off on posting much content until everything is sorted, that’s now going to change!  Lots to update with plenty of photos.

If you’re an existing follower, you’ll have to resubscribe here:

I kicked it off with scenes from the recent Airdrie Airshow.

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Where Have I Gone?


Sound the drum rolls – I’m nearly ready to come back.  Apologies to my regular followers for the lack of content lately.  Thanks to the well wishers who checked in to make sure I was ok!

I’ve been engaged in the exciting, but somewhat longer than anticipated, redesign of my website.  Although I haven’t been doing the ‘hard work’, I had to work a lot harder than expected to contribute to content.  At least I enjoy writing!  (Saved a bundle by not having a content writer!)

It’s ready for a sneak-a-peek now. – the Fine Art galleries won’t be up for another couple of weeks, and there are a couple of tweaks to be made, but overall I’m really happy.  And I even have an online shopping cart for galleries now!  Yay! 

I welcome feedback, and if something doesn’t work as you navigate through, don’t hesitate to let me know!

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Travel Theme: The Four Elements

Earth, Air, Water and Fire – the challenge of Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week.  All but fire feature prominently in my collections – but I do have those too!

Earth – Haleakala Crater in Maui – always leaves me with the feeling I’ve traveled to another planet – perhaps a ‘moonscape’.

Haleakala Crater - Maui

Air – near Kealia Wildlife Refuge, Maui. According to Wikipedia, ‘a rainbow is an optical and meteorological phenomenon that is caused by reflection of light in water droplets in the Earth’s atmosphere, resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky.

Rainbow near Kealia Wildlife Preserve, Maui

Water – Big Hill Springs Provincial Park, AB – one of my favourite places.  Only a 20 minute drive from the house and the water runs year around making for some interesting ice formations in the winter.

Big Hill Springs Provincial Park

Fire – Sundance Campground, Kananaskis, AB –  nothing beats a marshmallow roast over a campfire.

Fire at Sundance Campground

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Judging a 4-H Club Photography Competition

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Travel Theme: Beaches

How could I resist Ailsa’s travel theme this week?  Beaches have to rank pretty highly on my list of all-time favourite places.   I consider myself fortunate to say my ‘life’s a beach‘ – despite having ended up in land locked Calgary!

Born in rugged Cornwall, England, married in County Down Northern Ireland, a romantic honeymoon on Diani Beach in Kenya, pre-parenthood vacation on the spectacular Crane Beach in Barbados and numerous family vacations since – Mayan Riviera, Puerto Vallarta, Maui, the STUNNING Oregon Coast, visits to Vancouver and Vancouver Island… I had to restrain myself when pulling images (yes, this was restrained!)

Hover your mouse over each image to see where they were taken…

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10 Things Couples Need to Know About the Wedding Industry that the Media Will Never Tell You


I know everyone has a budget, and that’s fine and practical!  But, as with any financial decision in life, know what your budget will get you and set your expectations realistically.

I’m letting Stephanie Padovani write my blog this week.  She shares tips you rarely see in the media.  (Yes, there are some bridal horror stories out there  – they make for wonderful ‘reality’ shows and headlines – but most of my colleagues in this industry are pretty amazing!)  I have also seen some pretty incredible DIY weddings, so this doesn’t mean it can’t be done!

Stephanie’s Article

Even if you don’t hire a planner for your full event, planners often offer ‘day of’ wedding coordination to help ease the stress, or hourly consultations for the bride and groom planning their own, but needing a little guidance along the way.  My talented friend Cathy MacRae of Creative Weddings explains it all in her service descriptions.


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Rise Up – The 2013 Act 3 Talent Show

Thank heavens tax season is over!  I can finally get back to the work I enjoy.

A couple of weeks ago, I helped a friend out by shooting the Youth Singers of Calgary Rise Up performance.  ‘Rise Up’ not only showcased some amazing talent, but was a fundraiser for some much needed new risers and performance equipment.  (The existing risers are barely holding together and, I have it on good authority, were being held up by some intrepid parents at one show!)

Boom whackers, handbells, cups, some amazing voice and musical talent (of which I have none) and everything in between provided a fabulous evening of entertainment.

Here are some highlights…

To see the full gallery, head over to my website.

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