Judging a 4-H Club Photography Competition

This week I was approached to be a judge for the Irricana 4-H Beef & Multi Club’s photography competition – part of their annual Achievement Day.  I was proud and delighted to participate.  Despite being a ‘city girl’, I’m well versed in all that 4-H Club has to offer.

Although this particular club specializes in beef and sheep, they also have a photography division  where “members start their learning through step-by-step guidance in camera selection, framing the perfect shot, light and distance considerations, and then progress into challenging photo assignments to help develop “the photographer’s eye.”

It was hard work!  I’ve always extolled the virtues of constructive feedback, but when you’re doing it for 30 images, yikes!    That said, it was easy to focus on the positives and there were many!   What a talented group of girls! (There were no entries from the boys – I’m not being discriminatory LOL.)

Once my work was done, I grabbed the camera out of the car, and snapped a few highlights.  I’d never seen the sheep demos before.  Those little beasts are noisy – and, on occasion, a little stubborn!!

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2 Responses to Judging a 4-H Club Photography Competition

  1. Laura Bloomsbury says:

    looks like fun and inspiring seeing so much young talent

    • I love the activities of the 4-H Clubs. My daughter was part of one for a year until the horse she was using left town. Lots of team events and encouragement to try hard and succeed.

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