The Colours of Puerto Vallarta – weekly photo challenge Color

Turquoise seas, pink Hibiscus, blazes of yellow amidst dusty landscapes, tablecloths in every colour of the rainbow – and then some, vivid costumes and vibrant streets festooned with colourful flags sums up our recent vacation.  WordPress’s weekly photo challenge of Color couldn’t have come at a better time.

Nuevo Vallarta is the all-inclusive tourist zone outside of Puerto Vallarta city.  It’s the perfect spot for those who want a beach vacation away from city hustle and bustle, but is easily accessible to all tours, activities, and market towns.

There’s been a lot of bad press about Mexico recently – an economic recession combined with H1N1, and drug cartels massacres. (A drug war in Tijuana, or Mexico City is translated to ‘Mexico is unsafe’.)  Puerto Vallarta’s tourism trade has dropped 60% or more in the past five years.  Even cruise ship dockings are down.

Since our 2009 visit, there’s been a vast increase of ‘for sale/rent’ signs, empty storefronts and abandoned buildings.  That said, Puerto Vallarta, while not without crime, is safer than most US cities.  (We left a very expensive camera in our transport van last time and it was returned to us – other friends had their wallet returned intact…)

Our visit was thoroughly enjoyable – safety issues non-existent. We didn’t hide in our resort by a longshot –  horseback riding into remote mountain areas, a zipline trek in the PV area, a trip into the Sierra Madres to visit the picturesque historical town of San Sebastian Del Oeste and a somewhat hair-raising water taxi journey from Nuevo Vallarta over to the stunning Los Muertos pier. (Outbound in calm morning seas was fine, return in an open skiff across a bay with 2-3 foot swells is for the thrill seekers!)

So if you’re contemplating a tropical vacation, don’t rule out this colourful paradise…

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12 Responses to The Colours of Puerto Vallarta – weekly photo challenge Color

  1. Fun as well as colorful. I like the picture of the dog.


  2. Lucky you! Ours was deceiving – blue sky & sunshine but a nasty windchill! Still walking the dogs in my winter parka instead of the spring fleece!

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  5. restlessjo says:

    It looks wonderfully colourful to me.

    • Thanks Johanna. I asked one of our guides why they paint the bases of the palm trees white (up to about 3 feet from the bottom). He explained it was just for looks. They have so much colour in everything they like the crisp clean feel of the white. I, on the other hand, am looking out the window at more darned snow right now and am contemplating painting all the neighbourhood tree trunks in rainbow colours. 😀

  6. diannegray says:

    So incredibly colorful, Suzan. One day I hope to take pics half as good as these! 😀

  7. Thanks Dianne. I’d say about half were with the big pro camera, and the last half with the 5 year old Panasonic Lumix on its ‘Intelligent Auto’ mode – it’s pretty smart LOL. 😉

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