So you’re too fat to be photographed…

I’ve never re-blogged before, but this one was too good to resist.  Teresa of North Carolina has done a wonderful job of explaining why family photos are important at any time…

This doesn’t just apply to family photos. I’ve had brides ask me if I can ‘hide them’ during the day’s shooting.  Sure, there are some more flattering poses than others (that applies to all figures) but be yourself.  Let yourself shine on your big day.

Life is too short – so if you’ve been putting them off,  it’s time to rethink.   And I promise to make more of an effort to step out from behind my own camera during our family activities and include myself!  (My teenaged son actually has a knack for capturing wonderful photos of me so  I really have no excuse! 😀 )

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2 Responses to So you’re too fat to be photographed…

  1. diannegray says:

    Her post is SO inspiring. I love it 😀

  2. Me too – it just resonates!

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