A ‘stolen’ child and a gorgeous winter’s day…

Before you direct the police to my page, I promise the ‘stolen’ child was in the hands of some wonderful caregivers who wanted to give his mom a surprise.  She’s out of town on an extended business trip and both mom & son are missing each other loads.  Their wonderful friends brought me in to capture Kyle ‘in action’ – and action it was.

An outgoing 4-year-old, Kyle led our ‘adventure’ around their rural property trekking over mud piles, through shaded snow drifts, and onto various farm vehicles narrating all the way.  We gave him some gentle guidance but 99% of the ‘poses’ were all his own – including the ‘budding supermodel’ on the bobcat.   To get him to smile, we had him say the number ‘3’ – or ‘pizza’ – or a combination of both!

And, if by some small chance you know the family, please don’t share the blog to them LOL.  She’ll get the pictures later this month!

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2 Responses to A ‘stolen’ child and a gorgeous winter’s day…

  1. diannegray says:

    Fantastic! My favourite is the picture of Kyle with his arms crossed 😀

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