Travel Theme: Multiples

This week’s travel theme focuses on ‘multiples’ – go forth and ‘multiply’, or find multiples to photograph.  My mind immediately traveled to flowers – abundant fields of Tulips, bright groupings of Daisies, fragrant Plumeria, all of which I’ve captured endlessly over the years.

Instead, I decided to focus on sunrises – quite literally.  This week in Calgary,  Mother Nature has outdone herself with multiple spectacular skyscapes.  To a photographer’s relief, the winter sunrise in this part of the Northern Hemisphere doesn’t officially occur until 8.40am – meaning one doesn’t have to leap into action at some insanely early time to partake in the ‘golden hour’.

I’ve had the added advantage of being on the road at 7.45am to drag a sleepy teenager to swimming classes so have witnessed the best of the pre-dawn colours – glowing reds, flaming golds, spectacular royal blues and pinks…!  Pleased the canines as I shot from off leash areas where they were allowed to run rampant (if somewhat confused at the total freedom).

Wintery Flaming Skies

Always remember to look behind you when shooting a sunrise or sunset – the light is totally different.  Above is facing east.  Below is the same sunrise facing west…

2013 January_0003

The next morning was even brighter as I changed viewpoints to one that let me incorporate the downtown Calgary skyline…

Downtown Calgary - Morning Glory

The following is a three shot panorama stitched together using Photomerge in Photoshop Elements.  I kind of liked the fisheye perspective the merge created – although could have fixed that quite easily with a manual drag and drop.

Calgary Sunrise Panorama - from Edworthy Park

And finally, about 10 minutes after the blazing glory of blues and pinks, one last hit of colour in gold as I was rounding up the mutts and getting ready to leave.  It always pays to turn back one more time…

After the Sunrise - Golden Glow

And of course any of these would brighten any wall!

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9 Responses to Travel Theme: Multiples

  1. Inge says:

    Nice photo collections of the sunrises. I am a night owl, hard to catch up the sunrise. Shame on me. 😀

    • I like my mornings to start no earlier than 6am if possible. That’s why my sunrise collection tends to be all winter scenes LOL. I’m much more a sunset kind of gal! Reasonable hours no matter the time of year!.

  2. diannegray says:

    It’s so interesting how the light changes depending on the aspect. These are fantastic, Suzan!

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