What do your website images say about you & your business?

Give me a little privacy. It was a rough night okay?…

Have you visited a business website, looked at the profile photos, or photos of the board and discovered they were:

  • non-existent or blank spaces,
  • cute pictures with the family pet,
  • taken in front of a mirror,
  • a face cut out of a group shot,
  • facing every direction but the camera,
  • shot by one of the kids in the back yard?…

If that describes your website, ask yourself, ‘do these images represent me and my business?’  Think about how they might appear on websites, blogs, press releases, newsletters and in trade magazines.  A bad photo can send the message “I can’t be bothered“.

Today’s society is visual – #1 search engine is Google images; #2 is You TubeA visual image is remembered 10x longer than just words.  Your company has approximately 3 seconds to capture a prospect’s attention.

Let Heidi Hall cater your next event, or fill your freezer with quick, nutritious meals for the family. 403 875 6520

Imagine a chef with no images of food – or a kitchen. (I know a fabulous chef, couldn’t tell you what he did from his website, but this is not a witch hunt.)  Wouldn’t you be more likely to do business where you can see a chef interacting with food?

Or a wonderful chiropractor in his vibrant new digs…

Website images no longer have to be formal, stiffly suited businessmen looking stern.  It’s possible to add personality to your brand and still look professional…

Check out these lovely ladies – not telling you which is which – we have an amazing business analyst, dynamic public speaker, a few incredible event planners, an elegant home stager…

Improve your customer’s perception with positive images: contact me… (or a photographer in your local area) to set up a corporate session.

Handy hints to make your photo session successful:

  • get a good night’s sleep,
  • drink plenty of water,
  • do your hair,
  • wear an outfit that works with your business,
  • and no hangovers!
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7 Responses to What do your website images say about you & your business?

  1. arielpakizer says:

    I love the concept of this, a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

    I fear people tend to believe their Facebook is some personal world that potential employers will never see. I just don’t understand why they post some of the photos they do.

    • Photos With Finesse says:

      You’re right – there’s a difference between showing your family activities to friends and relatives to showing ‘the insanity’ every weekend. Doesn’t matter how hard you try to keep it private, somebody is going to see it or share it. (Awkward family photos.com is a great example of that!)

      • arielpakizer says:

        Yep, once it is on the internet it is available to everyone, it’s why I don’t use Facebook that much. I’ve never been on that site, but the url alone makes me want to check it out.

  2. diannegray says:

    If I don’t see what I want in the first few seconds of looking at a website I go to another. Official sites can be the worst (banks, phone bills, electricity) – how do I log in (and then after that fuss), how do I log out?

    I totally agree with Ariel – please don’t put damning pics of FB. It’s awful 😦

    • I’m with you Dianne – some of the worst sites are the ones I need the most. And I struggle every time I go in! Grrrr! Or the old ‘in order to improve service….’ we have messed our site up completely – have fun looking for what you need!

  3. Angie Norman says:

    Hi there. Saw your post on linked in. Clearly my website falls into one of the categories you discussed. My brother in law did my website and clearly the photos are not to my liking (or the one photo rather). What are your rates? I am an accountant but also teach and do business consulting.

    Look forward to hearing from you,

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