Weekly Travel Theme: White

This week’s travel theme is ‘white’, in honour of the 30th anniversary celebrating the UN’s International Day of Peace (Friday September 21st).  Conceived of in 1981, it was first celebrated in 1982.  I do like the idea of “strengthening the ideals  of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples.”  Now if only we could get the politicians, religious zealots, and those who think ‘their way is the only way’, on the same page!

I thought finding photos would be a challenge as I always describe myself as a ‘colour person’.  My photos tend to have a vibrancy to them.

That said, I live in Alberta – where the most obvious manifestation of white is snow. The first image was my attempt to find beauty in winter – after we’d had been a particularly long and white one.  (To add insult, I was caught in yet another unforecast snow squall during this drive!)

Mother Nature provides help in the summer with a smattering of white flowers.   White blondes came up in a family photo shoot.  And I’m a wedding photographer – what is a bride’s primary colour? White of course! The challenge wasn’t as challenging as I first anticipated!…

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2 Responses to Weekly Travel Theme: White

  1. ailsapm says:

    Just gorgeous, Suzan

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