Travel Theme: Red

This is the first time I’ve participated in the Travel Theme blogs.  I certainly get a lot of pleasure out of following several of them.  As red is one of my favourite colours – to the point my car, older laptop and phone are red – I couldn’t resist.

First my thoughts traveled to our Las Vegas vacation this past April.

The Beatles Revolution Hallway at the Mirage Hotel.

Passing mixed cloud, showers and sunlight made the Red Rock Canyon just outside of Las Vegas glow.

My mind tour then jetted off to Maui, the previous July – where flora was abundant and reds literally blossomed!

The Red Hibiscus – a staple on the Hawaiian landscape.

A Protea blossom in the Enchanting Floral Gardens of Kula. Well worth a visit!

Canna Leaves glowing red with a bit of morning sun. Also in the Enchanting Floral Gardens of Kula.

A bit closer to home we have the magical interior of an Oriental Poppy shot in the Reader Rock Garden in Calgary.

And finally – a mental ‘trip around the world’ looking at a variety of reds in culture.

A display at a local school encompassing Calgary’s Chinatown.

A Spanish dancer twirls her reds as the waiting troupe of red clad belly dancers looks on at Globalfest 2012.

Tryzub Ukranian Dance Ensemble at Calgary’s Globalfest 2012 displaying one of my all-time favourite reds – the Canadian flag!

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17 Responses to Travel Theme: Red

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  4. the Ukrainian and Spanish dance and flags were my favorites

  5. s1ngal says:

    I’ve JUST started loving red, courtesy your lovely pics… I love the Spanish dancer’s reds-twirl… beautiful!!!

  6. Jo Bryant says:

    i really love that spanish dancer…great image

  7. Thanks Jo. I’m going to have to publish more of them – some 2500 photos to go through! That said, if you want to see more of the fab dance acts, there are a few albums on my FB page. eg.

  8. A great selection – love the red against black n the dancer!

  9. diannegray says:

    They are fantastic. I’m going with the Spanish dancer too. If there is ever a ‘movement’ theme I think this should go in there as well 😀

    • Thanks Dianne – if there’s a ‘movement’ theme, I’ll be hard pressed to figure out which ones to use – that whole week was movement – Brazilian, Native Indian, Ukranian, Spanish, Chilean, Mexican…. Guess I could cover an ‘international’ theme too! 😀

  10. Nice selection, Finesse. My favorites are the protea blossom and the canna leaves. 🙂

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