Calgary’s Globalfest 2012 – Philippines Fireworks Display

I was absolutely delighted to be chosen as part of the volunteer photography team for Globalfest 2012.  I’d attended the event, as a spectator, a few times over the past several years and loved it.  Although the Fireworks shows are highlights, there is so much more going on.

GlobalFest’s mandate as a not-for-profit society is to produce an inclusive, world class, multi-faceted arts and culture festival that celebrates and showcases cultural diversity and artistic excellence within our communities and across the globe.”  You can find out more here:

In addition to human rights forums, citizenship ceremonies, cultural pavillions, ethnic food booths and an aboriginal Tipi Village, there are four stages showcasing a variety of acts.

On Thursday I was covering the Urban Arts Stage featuring a variety of musical talent.  Visit my gallery to view some of the stage performances including vocalists, beat boxers, rappers and musical groups.  At 9.00pm, the stages go silent and everyone settles into their seats on the grassy hills surrounding the stunning lake at Elliston Park to await dusk and the fireworks.

For the blog photos, I’m going to focus on the fireworks (literally).  The Philippines were back by invitation having won the People’s Choice award of 2011.  Their show was breathtaking, filling the night sky with magical explosions beautifully timed to a variety of music.  My only regret was not capturing the shapes of happy faces or hearts in air, but the images show off the magnitude of the performance…

NOTE: For the photographers (budding and experienced) I mostly used the following settings:  Nikon D700, 24-70mm f2.8 lens, ISO 200, 4-second exposure, aperture f/8, White Balance set to Tungsten.  (Ken Rockwell has a great tip sheet on shooting fireworks.) The squiggles in the second to last image were made by zooming the lens in and out during the long exposure.

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5 Responses to Calgary’s Globalfest 2012 – Philippines Fireworks Display

  1. Emma Baylis says:

    Absolutely amazing photos!

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  3. fgassette says:

    Stunning photos. You are a great photographer.


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