Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

When this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge came up, I wondered how on earth I could demonstrate ‘wrong’ with photos.  Sure, blurry, underexposed, overexposed images would work, but I felt that would just be wrong.  Then there were some of the ones from the insane bridal party this weekend.  Ummmmm – no – definitely wrong

As I pondered possibilities, Ozzie the 85lb puppy came thundering down the hall with a squeaky toy, leapt over the arm of the chair and into the lap of the unwitting victim.  “OMG, that was just wrong” ran through my head and a blog was born.

I have no shortage of pics with my animals in a variety of scenarios that non-pet owners (and possibly the saner owners) would deem wrong. We’re going to feature Ozzie and Matlock tonight – which will surprise none of my friends as both of them are the class clowns…

Mum, there seems to be a dog on my head…

What do you mean it’s a cat basket. I fit don’t I?…

What? I’m behaving aren’t I?

The bunny was evil. It had to die…

Matlock loves nothing better than licking out the coffee scoop. We try not to show off that talent to guests. It may also explain the next photos…

Give me a little privacy. It was a rough night okay?…

Instead of grabbing the camera, you could lend a hand. Something went horribly wrong…

You can have your own class clowns from wonderful rescue societies in your neighbourhood.  Ozzie was from Oops-A-Dazy and Matlock from the Calgary Humane Society.

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7 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

  1. Cute pets.. funny photos!

  2. our cat likes to DRINK out of the toilet – it’s her personal decision …

    • That’s actually what Matlock was doing. He drinks out of pretty much anything except a bowl – taps, glasses, toilet and even the rainwave sprinkler when it’s running. (The same one the giant pup is scared of LOL.)

  3. 6 cats in my house. It’s like a 3 ring circus. Of course, we get bored easy, so we are thinking about a dog.

    • LOL – go for it – but the one thing with a dog that differs from cats is that you can’t leave them home alone for an impulse weekend trip. That said, they’re a lot of fun. And we have an awesome kennel we use so it’s doable. And expect a couple of behavioural changes with the cats when introducing the new guy into the chaos. We had one who pee’d on a downstairs duvet cover periodically for a month to express her displeasure. Then it stopped just like that when she realized she could control the giant pup by blowing herself up into a 6lb hissing, spitting poofball…

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