These boots were made for walkin’…

I think I’ve developed a foot fetish or, more accurately, a footwear fetish.  The more events I shoot, the more I notice accoutrements for the feet.  I think it’s called living vicariously through the shoes of others.

With wide calves, wide feet and a proneness to plantar fasciitis if my heel is not cupped and arch is not supported – not to mention a lower back that screams at the thought of heels – wearing these designer delights is sadly not for me.  I’m reduced to TTL (through the lens) drooling!

During Stampede Week, it was the boots that caught my eye…

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2 Responses to These boots were made for walkin’…

  1. These boots are just for looking for me too, interesting what people can wear! And I love the Nancy Sinatra song very much….

  2. Me too! I’ll have to start a series on the high heels from events because some of those are amazing. Need a longer faster lens though as much of it is indoors and I need to do ‘stealth’ shots LOL.

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