Sneak-A-Peek: Alison & Gregg’s Engagement

Engagement shoots (apart from being a lot of fun) allow a photographer and couple get to know each other.  A photographer discovers what the couple likes, what they hate, how they move,  are they ‘blinkers’, eye-brow wigglers, etc.  From the couple’s perspective it’s whether they can relax and relate to the photographer.   I love it when a couple arrives and says ‘anything goes, but no cheesy shots’.

Mother Nature co-operated as Alison, Gregg and I explored Lake Sundance in SE Calgary.  A member’s only area, it was a beautiful surprise with lush green grass, stunning waterfalls set amongst towering pines, and even a sandy beach. Despite forecasts of rain, ominous clouds looming, and a tad of drizzle at the start, it cleared, the sun poked it’s head out for a few minutes and the wind didn’t become a factor until the end.

So where better to start than with a ‘cheesy shot’?  The shoulders dropped, the smiles came out, the laughter began and we worked from there with great success – even the baby ducklings at the end were smiling.   These are just the ‘sneak-a-peek’ – lots more to come for the happy couple… can’t wait to shoot the wedding.

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