Summer Events – have you booked your photographer yet?

Summer’s upon us once again – ‘finally’ I hear my fellow Calgarians cry.  Or perhaps that should read YEEHAW.  The Calgary Stampede is one of our biggest annual events and tourist attractions – this year celebrating it’s 100th anniversary.

From ‘simple’ pancake breakfasts, mornings off to watch the parade,  client appreciation hoe-downs, to full bbq dinners with tickets to the chuckwagon races and grandstand show, corporate Calgary steps right up to the plate, loses inhibitions for the 10 days of Stampede and gives employees leeway (and events) to let down their hair.

As a former Social Club President, I completely relate to last minute details and ‘what have I forgotten’ lists.   For our events, that was often the photographer.   Whilst Stampede is coming up, other events are equally worthy of capture… golf tournaments, award ceremonies, summer bbq’s/picnics,  the possibilities are endless.

Why do I need an event photographer?…

  • Images help build a sense of corporate culture & identity that can be conveyed from one generation of employee to the next.  ‘A picture is worth a 1000 words.’ A ‘fun’ company often attracts and keeps quality employees.
  • Help build a strong team environment.  Capture and share team spirit.  Use your social media and intranet pages to quickly highlight your employees in a positive light.
  • Build an online yearbook, or produce a hard copy photobook and give it to your teams, customers or special guests as a ‘thank you’.   A great photographer can work with you to pull one together.

So, if you’re looking for a photographer to help you capture those special  moments, I still have dates available.  Contact me.

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