Pets are for life – and love…

As if we didn’t have enough on our plates (self-employment, unemployment, very active teens), at the urging of our daughter (who wanted a more active dog to work with) we decided to throw a puppy into the equation… “Fools” I hear the voices (often in my own head) say…

Meet Ozzie – 10 months old – 75lbs of Shepherd-Hound-X – giant loveable mutt – chews everything. Fast learning the commands ‘leave it, out, down, and off’.

Ozzie – big loveable beast…

Looking sweet & innocent after a day of ‘puppiness’

This is in addition to our existing menagerie.

Matlock – class clown and gourmand. (Will do anything for bacon.)  17lbs of pure goofball.

Matlock – looking for trouble…

Matlock – Awkward Moments – there are many…

Mew–  fiery hissing spitball, weighing in at a mere 6lbs and more than capable of putting a 75lb pup in his place.

Mew – dainty on the outside…

Mew – ready for action.

Bowser – big shy boy, tolerates dogs better than people but loves his owners to death, particularly at bedtime.

Bowser – losing those street cat fears

Bowser will do anything for Claire

Ohinga – sweetest most lovable dog I’ve ever known.  No legs (her Corgi side), the body of a Golden Retriever, and the purple tongue of a Chow.  Will do anything to please..

Ohinga – loves the water

Ohinga – willing to join in any family fun.

All our animals have been rescues.  They come with their own characters, insecurities, challenges and unconditional love (ok – Matlock’s is conditional on a constant food supply.)

Do you have room in your heart/home for one?  Remember, that a pet is not just for Christmas, it’s for life.  Look at the time you are going to be able to spend with them; what you’ll do when you go on vacation; if they need emergency surgery (trust me, it happens), and how will you train them?  Check out your nearest animal shelter/rescue. There are many out there.  Research the ones in your area.  There are always a plethora of unwanted lovable animals surrendered or abandoned.

In Calgary & area…

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4 Responses to Pets are for life – and love…

  1. Tiwie Indt says:

    Matlock looks like my grandpa’s cat…

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