Oh no, what should we wear to our photo session?…

One of the most common questions I get before a photoshoot is ‘what should we wear’?

I came across another photographer’s site who had quite a dictatorial list of ‘must not do’s’ including no bright colours, no patterns, no pink tones, ‘never wear short sleeves or short pants’. (That would rule out shooting a friend’s family who lives in shorts year around.)  And finally – wear glasses with no lenses so they don’t reflect.  Huh?!

My own suggestion is to keep it simple and consistent.

  • Jeans are timeless and casual – paired with a solid colour top (any colour), they’ll fit into almost any setting.
  • Patterns are ok, but not too many.  e.g. if Mum wants to wear a colourful blouse, keep the rest of the family in solids of similar shades.
  • Keep your theme – if it’s formal, all go formal (unless you have a toddler who insists on wearing her best dress to the barn – that’s just cute!)
  • Glasses – if they’re part of you and your daily life, wear them.  Any decent photographer knows how to avoid glare.

And finally – BE YOURSELF!  Let your clothing reflect who you are, not dictate the session.

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2 Responses to Oh no, what should we wear to our photo session?…

  1. Thank You!!!! as one who wears glasses all the time, I so appreciate your common sense approach!! Great site you have here!

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