Buyer Beware: Expedia Extras – the final chapter…

…to recap the original saga, we didn’t receive the Expedia Extra show tickets booked with our Vegas trip.  I’d spent an hour battling the call center to get a food & beverage voucher worth a quarter of the price, and email had been sent asking a manager to call…

Since then…

The email was met with “thank you for your complain (yes, exactly like that)… if you want to speak to a manager you need to contact our customer service department…”

Strengthened fortitude with a very large cup of caffeine laden tea, cleared an hour in my schedule, took a deep breath, and plunged into the abyss.

“Lulu” was clearly practiced in Customer Service skills.  She read the issue, summed it up nicely (including the ludicrous hold time), and began the arduous process of transfering me to the escalation department.  Sadly, her skills and desire to assist customers are not supported by Expedia’s complaint handling system.  Her phone/time was tied up as she waited for an escalation manager to answer – 32 minutes later.

When I finally got through, the first two questions were, “what did your itinerary say” (been there, done that), and “so you bought the show tickets” (afterburners ignited…)  Once I peeled myself – and my voice – off the ceiling and reiterated in succinct detail everything that had been done to date, I was (yes, you guessed it) put on hold again as he called the hotel. (He couldn’t understand how the hotel had record of it when they didn’t.)

A mere 15 minutes later he had confirmation that we had booked a show ticket package.  (Head smacks table and sounds of the Hallelujah Chorus ring in my ears. I was offered, and accepted, a $200 voucher applicable towards a future hotel reservation – visualizing a spa weekend in Banff.

To sum up…

  • Check your itinerary right away. Scroll down near the bottom where you should find something like ‘Expedia Extra – Food & Beverage Credit’.  If it’s not there, contact Customer Support immediately.
  • If it is there, read the instructions on how to redeem it.  You may need to print the voucher, call them, or make a special booking in advance.
  • Keep all your documentation – emails, itineraries – and ideally a screenshot (Windows Snipping Tool works well) of the Extra as you booked it.
  • Stick to your guns… Be prepared to put time into it.
  • And finally, don’t let it ruin your vacation – which we certainly did not.  The Vdara was an excellent hotel and Las Vegas was loads of fun – a few photos as evidence…
Red Rock Canyon

Redrock Canyon – just 30 minutes from the Strip & stunning.

A little Vegas humour.

The Margaritas at La Cantina Salsa were awesome, and cheap.

Big City, Bright Lights

The bright lights and colours of Fremont Street

Just like Elvis...

Michael Jackson isn’t really gone forever!

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2 Responses to Buyer Beware: Expedia Extras – the final chapter…

  1. Hilarious post. Also a timely warning to watch out for this. This is a great venue to spread the word and makes consumers more aware. ( The hallelujah chorus and head smacking tickled my funny bone. I have been there and done that before – with another company!) Thanks so much for sharing. Will be back to check out more posts.

    • There may be one on the basics of customer service soon. Let’s just say I haven’t been impressed with some of the service I’ve received of late! (Except for Adobe this morning when I had a Photoshop issue. Two minute resolution and less than 5 minutes waiting for a ‘live chat’ guy. Exceeded expectations!

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