Wonderful day with Diana and family – maternity shoot…

Maternity family photos

Diana introduced me to the concept of a ‘mummy tummy’ shoot 4 years ago when pregnant with daughter Sophia.  At the time I was still running a hobby business and it was something relatively new – both for me, and the industry.  In the past couple of years, it has really taken off, whatever name it’s given – maternity, prenatal, pregnancy, lifestyle…

In essence, it’s the capturing of a single moment in time when the belly blossoms, and the family is joyously anticipating the new arrival.   The experts say the best time for maternity pics is 6-10 weeks before the due date.

We had a lot of fun at this shoot.  Sophia – lover of all things Minnie Mouse – has developed a new passion – leaping up as soon as the flash goes off to see what the picture looks like.  Couldn’t have done that pre-digital era.   We decided to use the white backdrop for the majority of images for a crisp clean feel.  For some reason Florin always looks great in black & white so the contrast in conversion was natural.   Diana looks great full stop!

Can’t wait to shoot the new arrival in early July.

(PS – If you’ re looking for a specific pose, or think something would be particularly cool, just remember to ask yourself how you’re going to look back on that image 5, 10, or 50 years from now.   Are you going to say ‘I can’t believe we did that’?  If in doubt, check these out – ‘Awkward Family Photos‘ and think twice.  On the other hand, if there’s something special, by all means ask your photographer!  That’s how we ended up with the little red shoes…)

Gorgeous as always...


Minnie Mouse shoes

Especially for Sophia...

It's a Girl

Little red shoes - becoming a family tradition...

Magical Moments

Feel the love...

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2 Responses to Wonderful day with Diana and family – maternity shoot…

  1. themofman says:

    Those other shots are definitely worse that “awkward” but these are great. I do like the little red shoes.

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