Buyer Beware: Expedia Extras

In January we booked a trip to Las Vegas via  Two show tickets were included per room (we’d booked 2) as an Expedia Extra. It was the key reason we booked with them over Travelocity.

We arrived at the Vdara Hotel, enquired about the tickets and were informed we should have been given a voucher with our itinerary that could be processed by the hotel concierge – we hadn’t.

And so the Expedia experience began…

A one hour phone call with their ‘support’ centre ensued – 90% of which was spent on hold while the agent ‘waited for his supervisor’.  The agent, who could barely communicate:

  • told me when I was checking into the hotel – I’d checked in the day before.
  • emailed me a copy of my itinerary – the same one I was reading from.
  • told me they had no record of my shows on the booking – even though the hotel did.
  • told me Expedia can change or cancel the offer at any time without notification – even though it was in effect at time of booking.
  • told me I wasn’t allowed to hangup, wait for him to get hold of his supervisor, and call me back with a solution.  It’s an inbound call centre only.

In the end, I they emailed me a $100 credit for food and beverage towards one of our rooms, telling me to print it off and take it to reception.  They didn’t grasp the concept that most travellers are not equipped with portable printers.  They did nothing for the second room.

Fortunately the Vdara has a better appreciation of the concepts behind excellent customer service.   They accepted the email, applied the voucher to both rooms and said they’d followup with Expedia.

As the vouchers were nowhere near the value 4 show tickets would have been, I’ve sent my own letter of discontent to the Expedia ‘Customer Support’ centre via their online feedback form.


The Vdara Hotel

View of the Bellagio Fountains from the 39th floor of the Vdara Hotel - a City Corner Suite I believe.

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8 Responses to Buyer Beware: Expedia Extras

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  2. Angeline M says:

    I’ve always just booked straight through the hotel. I’ve also learned that if you start following the place you are going to on Twitter, you will usually find a deal via the hotel Twitter site.

    • The deal was a air/hotel package and I couldn’t get it nearly as cheap booking separately. (I always look at those options too.) The added bonus was supposed to be the show tickets. Oh well – live and learn. Thanks for the tip about Twitter. I’ve only recently started using it so will check that out!

  3. Great photo – sorry story! Sorry you had to go through that.

  4. Thanks Anne. We booked through Travelocity this year – with no extras LOL so as long as they get us to our resort and home, there should be no similar blogs. 😀

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  6. Vanessa S says:

    Hi there. I found your blog after googling to see if anyone else has had problems with Expedia and their show tickets offer.
    I booked a trip to Las Vegas for October this year, staying at New York, New York, upgrading to the 2 free show tickets offer. I did this about 2 weeks ago. My confirmation email was correct, with the 2 show tickets on it. Nowhere did it say how to redeem them nor was anything clickable on the show tickets part.
    We were looking to book other activities and wondered what the show was and when, so as not to conflict with the show. I spent and hour and 15 minutes on the phone this morning, first with a customer service rep who said I was supposed to book the tickets within 72 hours of booking the trip and there was nothing she could do to help me as the offer had expired. Nowhere in the email did it say anything about a 72 hour period to book tickets. I did call the hotel but because I booked through a 3rd party (Expedia) they couldn’t honor the offer.
    The first Expedia rep eventually transferred me to a higher dept (he spoke better English too) He relayed again the 72 hr period to book tickets but didn’t seem to understand what I was asking (where in the emails or in the itinerary does it have info on how to redeem tickets)
    Finally he said I could buy the tickets when I got to Las Vegas and get reimbursed by Expedia (yeah right) or he could book them for me, charge my credit card and refund it right away. Why they just couldn’t book them for me without charging and refunding my card, I have no idea.
    In the end they booked them for me (Zumanity) and sent confirmation my credit card was refunded. I will wait for my actual credit card statement to see if it really happened!
    I have used Expedia before and never had any problems…the flight/hotel packages are a good deal and I like the choice of flights.
    So, beware of free show ticket offers and call them before you actually book to clarify.

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