Spring in Calgary – brown, blah or beautiful?

Calgarians have the best of a number of worlds – we’re the sunniest large city in the country. (Hamlets in Southern Alberta take top spot.)  Our winters are broken up with Chinooks.  There’s beautiful scenery, mountains nearby, a large amount of green space, and fresh, mostly clean air.

But not all is perfection.  For me, the biggest challenge is what I deem ‘the brown winter’.   February & March in particular show a dusty, gritty blah state.   Many say you need to head to the Rockies to see the beauty and head indoors for family photos.

Dry, brown and sunny with pristine Rockies in the background.

I disagree. There is beauty to be found.  Big Hill Springs Provincial Park is a wonderful little oasis about 20km west of the Calgary city limits.   In the spring and winter you get rushing water and a variety of ice formations.  Little bridges, and large and small waterfalls work to help keep the kids from losing interest.

Big Hill Springs Provincial Park - Bridges, waterfalls and mild weather.

Keeping the romance alive with a refreshing background.

And yes, families can look cute in warm clothing!

You can still look cute dressed for the weather.

Last year was a particularly long winter – lots of snow, lots of cold but an unforecast snowfall, a back road, and a well placed tree worked magic for me.

A spring snowfall, a well placed tree and a herd of cattle sheltering under the last row helped this image take Honorable Mention at the CPC Elevate Worldwide WOW Photo Contest in 2011.

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