Challenge yourself – try something new.

I’ve always loved location shoots with scenic backgrounds, pretty lighting, and plenty to keep the kids occupied in a novel setting.  Let’s face it though, Calgary’s winters are not always conducive to outdoor sessions.

I recently decided to pull out the studio lighting (a fairly major investment – but with lots of expert advice from Chris at The Camera Store) and teach myself how to use it properly for once and for all.  What better guinea pigs than my own pets & kids – they can both be easily bribed!   The technical side of shooting was the easy part.  I will give my daughter full credit – her love of animals shone through and she was incredibly patient.  Laughter was prevalent as we attempted to herd cats.  Ohinga, the dog, was less of a trial – she’ll do anything if she thinks there may be food involved.  (Come to think of it, so will Matlock.)

This shoot culminated in many images but I wanted to share how practice and patience nearly made perfect.  (I’ll be happy with some of these in my annual family photobook!)

She doesn't have food.

I'm not looking at her, she doesn't have any treats!

I said come here, not roll over and have your belly rubbed.

Ohinga thought Claire had food.

What do you mean this isn't my good side?

Looking good. Now do we get treats?

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