Feeling out of focus…

Must admit, this week has been hit and miss – full of good intentions but stumbling into roadblocks along the way.  Once again, government offices have been a challenge.  Kudos to the City of Calgary’s business licensing department for being accessible, efficient and helpful.  Boo’s and hisses to Service Canada for their busy phones, timing out websites and general misinformation.  The left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing.   Discovered that may be somewhat in part to the Federal gov’t reducing staffing by 13%  since 2007 in the EI department although claims have doubled over the same period – wonder how those former staffer’s claims are being handled?  I heard somewhere they’re closing 100 of the 122 EI processing centres – in a time where unemployment is running from 8-12% depending on which part of the country you live in, and the goverment got in on a promise of job creation.  That really makes little sense.  On the bright side,  I’m one of the fortunate ones – I have a roof over my head, meals on the table and camera in hand – things I’m not going to lose if I don’t receive a cheque by a certain date.  Other’s are not so lucky.

So, what does a photographer do while in ‘corporate limbo’, when it’s -30C outside, when a 25 minute commute takes 75 minutes, and when her Self Employment course doesn’t know she’s coming,  informs her orientation was a week ago, she should have had an interview first, and that she may may have to change her business name?…

First she thanks Natasha for attempting to get the miscommunications sorted out and the positive thoughts that the course may still be a go.  Second, she goes for a little retail therapy in a nearby mall – window shopping only.  The only thing she really wants is a bigger lens (photographers never have enough equipment!) Finally she braves traffic home where she regrets not having her camera in the car when once again she’s stuck in traffic (caused by yet another invincible dude in a pickup truck) watching the steam rise off the Bow River creating beautiful misty surroundings and white frosted tree branches.  As she inches along she thinks how amazingly beautiful an ice cold day can be, and wouldn’t it be awesome to have a bride and groom, or newly engaged couple out there to photograph.  Admittedly we’d have to work around frostbite issues.

She thinks back to Friday when Marja called her out to photograph the sunrise.  It turned out there wasn’t much of one, but that didn’t stop us.  Thanks to Marja’s penchant for (and knowledge of) back roads, we scoped some awesome locales for engagement, bridal and family shoots – gorgeous fencelines, grungy graffiti-covered quonsets, and grasses sparkling and golden in the morning light.

A rustic fenceline and gorgeous light on winter grasses...

A lightly frosted fenceline sparkles in the morning light.

A derelict old quonset style barn still within Calgary city limits.

She thinks back to yesterday afternoon when, after battling paperwork, websites and phone menu systems for the better part of a day, 100 or more Cedar Waxwings descended upon the yard to raid the berries off the Mayday tree.   She is grateful she was there and had camera at hand to capture the experience and watch the cats enjoy ‘Live TV’.

Part of a flock of 100+ that swooped into the yard.

Cedar Waxwings puffed up against the frigid -28C cold.

And mostly she’s grateful traffic started moving again, she made it home in one piece, and that hope springs eternal that the people shoots will start again soon and all the small business pieces will fall into place…

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